Friday, July 9, 2010

Shrimp with Rosa Sauce

A couple of weeks ago, we went to dinner @ this place called Buca Di Beppo. Everytime we try to go, its insanely crowded. So this time we made reservations. I decided that the crowds must be because:

A) The food is really good
B) They have huge portions ( I was leaning towards 2, we all know how much american's love supersized portions.)

Turns out its a family style restaurant with pretty good food. So we split a salad and a pasta dish.  We ordered shrimp with rosa sauce. Before we ordered, we told the server we only want vegetarian food, ( bc my hubby is zabiha.) Much to my disappointment, the rosa sauce they made used their alfredo sauce, which has chicken stock in it. So we ended up getting shrimp with  marinara sauce. After I left, I was determined to try some rosa sauce. I researched online and made some of of own. Here's my attempt: ( FYI this is by no means healthy, but hey its ok to splurge sometimes right?)

Shrimp with Rosa Sauce

- 1 pound of cooked shrimp ( I bought some yummy pre cooked frozen shrimp)
- 14 oz of thick, yummy marinara sauce. ( Don't use anything too liquidy, like prego or something.)
- 6 oz of whipping cream
- 2 cloves of garlic smashed ( FRESH people!!)
- 1 finely diced shallot
- 1 finely diced small red onion
- some red pepper flakes to your liking
- 6 ozs of broccoli buds
- 8 oz of mushrooms thickly sliced 
- 3 ozs of  frozen peas ( Just eyeball the veggies, use as much or as little as  you like)
- 1 pound of macaroni, bow tie, penne, etc.
- 2 cups of freshly grated parm cheese.
- 2 cups of freshly chopped roma tomatos
- About 5 fresh basil leaves, chopped

Now, obviously, boil your pasta, and about 5 minutes into boiling it, add the broccoli buds and peas. Wait till everything is cooked and drain it.
 Take a large sauce pan, add some olive oil, enough to cover the bottom, and add the smashed garlic, shallot, and red onion over medium heat. ( If the heat is too high the garlic will burn.)
Let them saute till they start to soften, and add the mushrooms, a sprinkle of fresh black pepper, and some red pepper flakes.
Once the mushrooms are about halfway cooked, add the marinara sauce and the whipping cream. Add the cooked shrimp, fresh tomatos, and basil. Let it simmer on medium heat covered till the sauce thickens and reduces.
Once the sauce reduces, ( takes about 10-15 minutes) remove from heat, and add the parm cheese. Stir it in till it melts.
Mix in the pasta and enjoy!! =)


  1. Yasmine! Looks amazing thanks for posting! Issam and I went to Bucca went and it was pretty good! We also got something seafood since I'm trying not to eat non-organic meat..I think it was like pasta with mussels and shrimp and garlic sauce.

    I'm totally trying this out, do you think I could use fat free half and half instead of the whipping cream and just one cup of parm or do you think it would ruin it?


  2. I wanted to use fat free half and half too, but our store was out. I bet it tastes the same either way, and the cheese is totally preference, I'm sure it'll taste just as good. The most important thing is to use really chunky and yummy marinara.

  3. ahh, this sounds heavenly and SO yummy! is that a pic of your cooking creation mashAllah? that pic and recipe + description makes me wanna cook this tommorow inshAllah! :-)