Monday, March 1, 2010

Beef Curry Nastiness

I'm sure all artists have had their shares of errors. Maybe Micheangelo painted a painting that looked like it was made for Bed, Bath and Beyond. Perhaps Wolfgang Puck food poisoned some people ( he actually did, I read an article about that once.) Today, I made a mistake. One of the biggest ones in my entire culinary career.

For those of you who know me, I am an avid reader. Lately I've been reading alot of books about Asia. The latest book I read was by Lisa See, called "Shanghei Girls." It was really good. And throughout the book, the protagonist kept making this dish called "Beef Tomato Curry Lo Mein." Now, besides the fact that I love books about Asia, I also LOVE asian food. I can eat it every single day and not get sick of it. The more I read the book, the more I wanted some Beef Tomato Curry Lo Mein. I googled the recipe after I read the book, waited patiently for some flank steak from the halal butcher, and happily made it today.

I followed the recipe EXACTLY. When it was done cooking, it looked absolutely delicious.I picked up my fork, scooped up a generous serving, and took a big bite. I swallowed, and then I gagged. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten in my life. I had to go spit it out and gurgle in the sink to get the taste out of my mouth. My apartment REEKED of the smell. Curry powder and white wine vinegar DOES not MIX people! My husband came home and tried it, and thought it tasted good and ate from it. I'm starting to question his opinions on my food now, because if he could eat that, then he can pretty much eat anything.

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  1. hey Yasmine, love your blog! I've always wanted to like cooking, but never could quite get there. I tend to stick to my tried and true and easy. But I like reading about recipes and every now and then feel inspired by one to be adventurous. hehe husbands are funny like that. You could make something that to you tastes quite good, and they won't touch it; then you make something awful and they end up loving it. Go figure...